Yousef Ragheed
Belgorod State University

Abstract. The contribution of technology in the field of banking led to a qualitative shift in the nature of banking and in the mechanism of providing banking services. Electronic banking services have achieved many benefits for both the bank and the customer. In the context of the Russian banking market, the article shows that there is an upward trend in increasing the volume and number of electronic banking transactions executed. The article focuses on the nature of electronic banking services and the new risks that came with them, and highlights the importance of internal control in controlling these risks and reducing them as much as possible. It proposes a development mechanism for internal control, guided by several factors.

Keywords: bank, e-banking, internet, risk, internal control, information security.

Volume 6, Issue 3(31) p. 29-34 PDF

DOI: 10.52013/2712-9713-31-1-5